Discount Automotive Weatherstrip, 22990 Hwy 12, RR5, Sunderland, On, L0C 1H0  Ph  905-985-0907  Fax  905-985-9255



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For your convenience and our wish to get you the best product available at the very best price we would like you to contact us at Discount Automotive

Weatherstrip 905-985-0907 or 985-985-0869 during the day. You can also fax us at 905-985-9255. We ask you to do this because we are dealing with vehicles

that are very old and may have had changes made to them which you are unaware of. Also we need the correct make, model, year, number of doors, sedan

or hardtop and correct part name for the parts you need. By talking to us directly we can avoid costly mistakes and save you time.

Simply go to the catalogue of your choice and browse the information pertaining to your vehicle make, then compare prices or call us and we will look up

the correct parts and price them for you. It is so easy.